Our Story

Marish Greenhouses

We started in July of 2005 after purchasing an existing greenhouse structure with the goal to grow superb quality gerberas!
You might wonder where the name Marish comes from - a little explanation....
We are located on Marshagan Road in Dunnville located about 45min drive to Niagara Falls.  This is a low lying area and sometimes on the swampy or marshy side.  Marish is an olde English word meaning "Swamp" or "Marsh"  Since it is in the name of our road and it describes the outlying area it seemed like a suitable name to name our facility.
Since starting in 2005 we have expanded several times to increase productivity and efficiency and we have also celebrated our tenth anniversary!
But that is enough about us please check out our products, we have over 50 varieties to choose from to fill your requirements.